Dedicated postgraduate studies

Dedicated postgraduate studies is an offer aimed at companies and institutions, and professional groups that expect personalized and tailored subject matter. This is a "tailor-made" study offer.

We specialize in such subject areas as:

  • economics;
  • management;
  • administration;
  • logistics;
  • sports marketing;
  • pedagogy;
  • special pedagogy.

Together with you, we determine the course of study, as well as the class grid and the schedule of assemblies. You also have a real influence on the topics of individual classes. For our part, we provide staff who have not only the relevant theoretical knowledge, but, above all, many years of practical experience.

To date, we have implemented such projects for teachers, social workers, uniformed services, as well as athletes and health care executives.

The person responsible for the dedicated postgraduate program is:

Jozef Kaczmarek, MA

Head of Postgraduate Studies

18 Niedziałkowskiego St., room 12
Tel:+48 515 929 533

Opening hours